It used to be a mark of shame – the embarrassment of being caught out falling for the Free iPad offer, or the vanity of thinking someone would write a blog about you, let alone a bad blog.

However these spam tweets are becoming so prevalent, the embarrassment has gone but the annoyance factor is growing.

I’ve started a list below of the tweets with links you should avoid clicking on – please send any other examples and I’ll update the list. These links create a spam cascade: You click the link which sends the message on to your followers.  Some of them click the link and it’s sent on again. And so on.

Revoking access from a Twitter App

How to revoke a Twitter App's access. Click for a larger image

If you have suddenly found that your followers have been sent a DM from your account without your knowledge it can be because someone has your login or, by clicking on a link, you’ve mistakenly authorised an app which is sending these tweets out from your account. So here are the two things you should do now if you’re in that position:

Change your password. Now.

Check to see if there is a Twitter app sending these tweets from your account, and block it:  Go to > Log In > Go to your profile > Edit profile > Applications > then revoke access to anything dodgy or spammy or you don’t recognise as having authorised.

Here’s the list of tweets to avoid – and if you receive one of them, please direct the sender to this page so they can sort it out:

Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog…

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