Dino hotelHere is a brilliant example of a hotelier who has succeeded in making his hotel well-known world-wide by being different.  To prove my point here’s a comment on the hotel’s Facebook page:

Your hotel is now on my bucket list. Must go.

How do you do that with a Best Western?

1 Differentiate your business from the competition.

It’s a Best Western. It tastes like chicken. I want it to taste like pterodactyl

2 Donate $35,000 to a museum and get a cartoon on the Oatmeal in return

3 have a fun approach to Facebook which encourages engagement.

Go have a look

The Oatmeal cartoon

The Facebook page

It’s a great lesson in differentiating yourself from the herd.  You don’t have to spend $35k, but how can you make your business different?