If you have tried to make sense of Twitter, but found it to be a long stream of totally irrelevant stuff, then you need Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck will organise tweets into columns that you can set up and which can be filtered by sender, topic, search term and many other ways.  It shows you clearly the tweets where you are @mentioned or when you have a direct message, and it will show you who your new followers are so you can (if you want) follow them back.  When I first installed Tweetdeck, Twitter suddenly made sense.

Tweetdeck has some other very neat advantages – it automatically shortens URLs (important when you only have 140 characters to play with); you can schedule your tweets to go out at a later time; and you can tweet to different accounts or post to Facebook or Linked In

It is good to see that Twitter has bought the company – and it will be interesting to follow this story to see how they develop the application.


If you would like to know how Twitter – or Tweetdeck – can benefit you, please get in touch.